R² Set – Bio Gesichtspflege Set

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Premium Organic Rose Water and Organic Rose Hip oil to prevent impurities and skin aging

Bio-Rosenwasser und Bio-Wildrosenöl als tägliche Hautpflege-Essentials

Exponentielle Vorteile: Sprühe Nayure's Kupfer destilliertes Rosenwasser auf dein Gesicht und massiere 3-8 Tropfen von Nayure's Wildrosenöl sanft in deine Haut ein. Die Kombination dieser beiden starken Wirkstoffe schließt die Feuchtigkeit ein und sorgt dafür, dass das pflegende Öl fast sofort absorbiert wird. Morgens und abends wiederholen. Ideal für alle Hauttypen, besonders für zu Akne neigende und reife Haut.

Ergebnis: Klare, ausgeglichene, strahlende Haut

Our wildly harvested, naturally pure Organic Rose Hip Seed oil was processed with particular care and pressed into nutrient-rich oil drops.

Nayure's Rose Hip Oil is superfood for your skin - naturally rich in vitamins A, E and C, antioxidants and 80% essential fatty acids - ingredients known for their balancing and cleansing effects on blemishes, scars, sun exposure and discoloration as well as moisturizing the skin skin are known.

Known as nature's retinol, it can help prevent skin aging and support cell renewal. It gently cares for the skin without weighing it down. After regular use, excess oil production can be regulated, as this signals that the facial skin has enough oil and does not have to produce extra sebum here.

Rose Hip oil used during pregnancy can help the skin to regain its elasticity and help prevent the formation of stripes.

Nayure's Organic Rose Water is a real all-rounder. It refreshes and cools dull, tired-looking skin and has a harmonizing and anti-inflammatory effect on impurities and blemishes.

Our Rose Water brings your skin back into balance without drying it out or irritating it. On the contrary, it has a moisturizing effect and gives your skin a natural glow.

But not only your facial skin will love the Rose Water. Thanks to the vitamins A, B3, C, and E it contains, it can balance your scalp, strengthen your hair and stimulate hair growth. Even washing your hair can be delayed for a few days with the regular use of rose water.

The soothing, pleasant, subtle, sweet rose scent calms restless minds and is often used in baby care and as an aura spray.

In Ayurveda, Rose Water is said to have Pitta-reducing properties. An imbalance in the fire element is often associated with extreme emotions such as anger, irritation and skin diseases.

Our Rose Water is so pure that you can use it in drinks, food or for hydrosol therapy.

Babysoft Skin

Clear, glowing skin

Help your skin to find its natural balance and prevent impurities and skin aging. Even after the first application, the skin feels tightened and baby-soft.

first class Rose Water and Rose Hip oil

Premium Quality

Purity and thus quality are essential for us. We know that with natural products, every aspect affects effectiveness. This facial care set scores with high quality and effectiveness.