Our Philosophy

Well-Being for Body, Mind and Soul

Organic wellness essentials from nature, made in Germany with love.

Well-being for body, mind and soul…

Nayure was founded to help people to connect with nature and bring greater balance to their lives... by using nature's extraordinary essences. We see our product lines as a kind of bridge to help you come back to your center and live your true nature.

Nature is You

The name Nayure is a combination of the words "You're" and "Nature". We believe that nature and wellness are not outside of us, but within us, that we are connected to everything at all times and everywhere, and want to help you get into your natural state of balance and well-being.

Nayure is guided by the following values ​​and principles:

1. Purity is quality

Purity and thus quality are essential for us. We know that with natural products, every aspect affects effectiveness. Organic or natural is not enough, soil conditions, altitude, climate, the producer's commitment to cultivation and harvesting all have a significant impact.

At Nayure, we ensure that our ingredients are not only certified organic, but are also grown and harvested in areas that are ideal for maximizing the benefits of the ingredients.

For example, our rose hip oil is grown and produced in Chile and the components of this oil are different than what you might find in Europe or South Africa and therefore the effects are very different as well.

We always recommend that you check where the natural product comes from and how effective this product really is, because the environment (soil, climate, surrounding area, etc.) plays an important role and significantly influences the quality and thus the effectiveness of the product.

2. Less is more

We develop our products under the concept “less is more” – you won't find a product with us that incorporates ingredients into the formula without reason, for example to increase the profit margin or because it is fashionable at the time. We believe that every ingredient should have a why and work in harmony in the formula to balance and support other ingredients.

In our aroma recipes, for example, we aim to create the effect without overtaxing your senses. Harmony of natural aromas and scents is the keyword here.

We strive for purity, for example, thanks to copper distillation, our rose water contains no alcohol or preservatives, so you can enjoy rose water in its purest form without the effects of unnecessary ingredients and use it in a variety of ways. 

However, we will not leave ingredients out if we think it will improve the way the product works either.

3. Sustainability

For us, sustainability means more than just making sure that our packaging is made of glass and paper. With every product we consider the resources of our planet.

That's why we focus only on the most universal essential oils that are incredibly versatile and on the development of fragrance blends, massage oils and care products that contain only the necessary valuable ingredients. In this way, we can guarantee that one can reap the benefits of these powerful active ingredients without having to keep countless bottles of essential oils at home and without knowing how to use them.

While we do our best to source our ingredients locally whenever possible, there are certain plants that bloom with greater vigor in specific parts of the world. Therefore, we do our best to reduce our environmental impact, but we will never compromise on our quality.

4. Transparency

It is important for us to educate our community about ingredients, origin and manufacturing processes and try to make this content clearly recognizable on our product pages and our social media channels. If you have any further questions, you can contact us at any time.

5. Balance for body, mind and soul

We follow a holistic approach and when developing our products we pay close attention to harmonizing body, mind and soul.

Harnessing ancient knowledge from all corners of the world, Nayure acknowledges the natural wisdom developed over millennia by those who have been in close contact with each individual plant.

We also apply Ayurvedic principles and revitalize and invigorate our essences by playing them Vedic sounds 24/7 in storage and after production.

For inspiration, each product is accompanied by its own quote, an endorsement found on every bottle and box. Let this quote sink in and motivate you as you enjoy Nayure and go about your everyday life.


"We don't want to go back in time, but we want to go back to pure. Nowadays the word Natural is being overused, it's being misrepresented and we want to help reclaim it. We want to give people a chance to have products that represent the best Nature has to offer in its purest form. Something that is honest... Something that you can trust... And this is something that we can only build together with you."

- Dr. David Nayan, Founder and CEO of Nayure